Body Magnet


$ 32.99 

A learning game about human anatomy, which teaches children how the parts of the human body, the bones, organs, muscles and skin, fit together.
Learn all about the human body while having fun with Janod's Body magnet. This activity contains a board to place your pieces on, 18 body cards, 76 magnets and a pointer stick.
Each Janod Body magnet card is labeled in 9 different languages allowing almost anyone to use the cards and it lets you learn new words in new languages.
Build yourself the muscular system, skeletal system, organ system or the basic human skin shape. Or you can explore and see what fun and crazy new bodies and internal systems you can create on your own. Invite your friends over and use the included pointer stick to help them learn the different pieces that make up the human body, too. With Janod's Body magnet, the possibilities are endless.

Designed in France by Janod

Measurements: 10.2 x 16.3 inches