Magnetic USA Map


$ 24.99 

A fun and educational way of discovering the planet. Each magnet represents a country or region of the world, with its name, capital and an illustration characteristic of that part of the world. The big magnetic board shows the world with its continents and oceans: the colour used for each region helps you find its place. Have fun putting each country in its place and you will have a wonderful map of the world which you can hang on the wall. Wood : Plywood (tray + magnets). Printing : sticked paper.Delivered shrinkwrapped. Cardboard wedge provided in the master carton to protect the world maps during delivery.
  • Janod's magnetic puzzles help boost creativity and fine motor skills
  • Great for learning object recognition and orientation
  • Perfect for ages 7 years and above

Designed in France by Janod

Dimensions: 30.3 x 0.4 x 18.1 inches

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