Zoom Diaper Clutch

Logan + Lenora

$ 21.99 

A flexible clutch for cloth or disposable diapers and wipes. Also great for cloth wipes, cloth pads, breast pads, or toiletries.

Wet or dry? Cloth or disposable? For baby or for mom? With the Wet + Dry Diaper Clutch, you’ve got the flexibility you need. Wet and dry pockets let you pick the function you need most - with a fun, feminine design. Our most popular wet bag design.

For CLOTH diapers: Carry a spare clean diaper in the wet pocket, and switch out with the dirty. Our sealed, waterproof, stink proof lining will keep that mess contained until you get home. Keep spare liners and cream in the pleated dry pocket.

For DISPOSABLES: Keep 2-3 diapers in the pleated dry pocket + creams. Wet wipes stay fresh in the sealed, waterproof pocket.

Machine wash when needed. We recommend cold wash and line dry to keep colors vibrant.

Additional uses: cloth wipes, cloth pads, breast pads, or toiletries.

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