Orthodontic Natural Pacifier
Orthodontic Natural Pacifier

Orthodontic Natural Pacifier

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  • Original Baby Pacifier: By gently touching baby's nose, binky closely simulates breast-feeding; Provides a soothing experience and offers a sense of security; Pacifier holder pouch available
  • Softer Than Silicone Pacifiers: The orthodontic design of our Natursutten pacifier supports the proper development of the baby's teeth, jaw and palate; Molded in one piece without joints or cracks so dirt cannot accumulate
  • Baby 100% BPA-Free Pacifier: Natural pacifier; Made exclusively from pure and natural rubber from Hevea Brasiliensis trees; Adheres to the strictest European and U.S. safety standards
  • Better For Your Baby And Our Planet: Established in 2006 and owned by a mother of three; Offers natural products for babies and toddlers, baby pacifiers, baby bottles and teether toys
  • Natural Rubber/Latex: The protein that can provoke a latex allergy is removed from the rubber sap used for Natursutten products. There is no risk of provoking a latex allergy when using them. However, Natursutten would never recommend using a product made from natural rubber for a child with a diagnosed latex allergy